Algorithm Engineer

Job description

Eager to guide the design and translation of algorithms into code? Are you looking to apply your experience & skillset in creating AI-driven fashion industry-oriented solutions?

At Crunch Analytics, we help EU retail and e-commerce teams at Beerwulf, G-Star, Unilin, Roompot, or others to embrace big data & AI techniques. We introduce AI-driven (advanced analytics) solutions that fundamentally change how these organizations create value.

As an Algorithm Engineer, your key responsibility is to guide the design and translation of algorithms into code. To this end, you work on improving the algorithm, how it is programmed, and the infrastructure in which the algorithm is deployed. You translate and improve proof-of-concept style prototypes into software that simply works.

In the said role, you work with data scientists, cloud engineers, software engineers, and industry experts. Your combined end goal is to create a single core solution that is future-proof and does not incur unacceptable technical debt.

We are looking to add a generalist to the team. A colleague with the appropriate programming and algorithm-creating skills who can approach a given problem from different angles to come up with the right solution. You are eager to document your work, making it possible for multiple people to collaborate and use the algorithms you create. Refactoring and improving existing code also comes as second nature to you, and you know how to strike a balance between what is relevant to improve and what is not (yet).

Job requirements

🚀 What will be part of your responsibilities?

  • As a central pillar of the Crunch Analytics Development Squad, you will help guide the creation of more productized solutions in the field of price & inventory management in fashion;
  • You will weigh in on discussions about creating new and updating existing algorithms and prototypes;
  • You can deliver excellent code, which is performant as well as compliant to coding best practices (testing,...);
  • You carefully document the workings of your solutions;
  • You collaborate with implementation teams who use solutions you have built, helping to create the tools they need to offer stable solutions as well as new features in a timely fashion.

🐱‍🚀 What skills are required or can be perfected on the job?

  • You have a MS or BS Software in engineering, or equivalent;
  • You have at least two years of working experience;
  • You have obtained advanced python programming skills, not only in notebooks but also in a true software engineering context;
  • You rock at data manipulation and SQL;
  • You're experienced with software engineering best practices and core tools (GIT,...);
  • You have a good understanding of the Google Cloud platform and different types of algorithms, including predictive models but also optimization, simulation, meta-heuristics,... etc;
  • You have a basic understanding of front-end-development and lower-level programming languages;
  • Experience with the following tools is a definitive plus: DBT, Airflow, Terraform, Pypi, BigQuery, React, Argo;
  • Experience in the retail or fashion industry, specifically in pricing or logistics, would be lovely.

But most importantly, each candidate should be a team player, able to translate business requirements into a technical solution, making use of his eagerness and on-point communication skills in English and - preferably- Dutch.

🎁 Our offer

First off, you will become part of a steadily growing team of people keen on applying the latest technologies and techniques in the fields of data science, machine learning & AI. You will work in a vibrant, innovation-loving environment with the proper dash of geekiness and love for board games.

You will be able to work both at the office or at home. Our offices in Ghent and Rotterdam are easy to reach, located in a colorful neighborhood of each city center, close to a vast array of after-work shenanigans.

How do you like to get to work? By car, train, and/or (e-)bike? Your choice to make! We provide an attractive salary package stuffed with additional benefits such as an (optional) company car & fuel card, (optional) bike plan, hospitalization insurance, state-of-the-art laptop, smartphone, and other gear.

We put a lot of time and effort into your personal growth and development, both as a technician and business professional. We provide dedicated feedback and coaching sessions to help you walk the career path you envisage. Expect your own talent development roadmap and the opportunity to showcase your knowledge to a broader engineering community.

On top of that, we do team trips, planned events, ad-hoc events, anything really to ensure you shine within a thriving team.

🎳 Up for the challenge?

Here is how we move forward. After applying, we'll screen your resume and may invite you for a phone interview. A job-specific challenge and presentation later, you could be the next member to represent our team!

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