Cloud Engineer - NL

Job description

We are looking for a skilled Cloud Engineer who can create bullet proof data pipelines and business-centric star schemas. More importantly, we're looking for someone who can design and build a reproducible environment where others can create those same pipelines and star schemas.

As a data engineer, you work alongside data scientists and help them deploy their models and pipelines. You understand data engineering, software engineering and are aware of the latest DevOps practices. You're able to help expand our Kubernetes-driven internal platform, to make projects more robust, reproducible and maintainable.

In summary, you're part of a team that improves what can be improved and automates what can be automated.

Job requirements

Key responsibilities

  • Optimize and expand our internal tooling
  • Construct robust ETL/ELT pipelines
  • Design data warehouses and star schemas, fit for further reporting or advanced analytics
  • Combine and centralize data from multiple data sources
  • Setup monitoring and alerting systems
  • Advise data scientists and customers on best practices
  • Architect data solutions that integrate with an existing stack of the customer

Essential requirements

  • Strong knowledge of Python and SQL
  • Solid understanding of software engineering principles
  • Comfortable working in a Unix environment
  • Experience with at least one major cloud vendor (Google Cloud, Azure or Amazon)
  • Knowledge of Docker
  • Experience with CI/CD and testing
  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into a technical solution
  • Eager to learn new tools and technologies

Nice to haves

  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Hands-on experience with open-source frameworks such as Airflow, Apache Beam, KubeFlow, dbt, ..
  • Know-how of big data technologies: Hadoop, Spark,…
  • Knowledge of Python web ecosystem: Flask, Django, ...
  • Able to mentor junior profiles and give technical advice and direction.
  • Knowledge of data science and machine learning.

You have a BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent relevant experience.

  • You are curious about new techniques and tools, and eager to learn new things.
  • You are a true DevOps evangelist
  • You have a passion for working with data and technology
  • You are flexible and stress-resistant
  • You are a true team player with good interpersonal and communication skills both internally as well as client-facing
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English