Senior Data Scientist - Technical Lead

Job description

We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist - Technical Lead to join our ranks. You will become a crucial member of one of the Crunch Data Teams and work alongside the team's Project Owner to steer several projects in the right direction.

As a Technical Lead, you take up a two-fold role.

First of all, we bestow you with the responsibility of guaranteeing that the solution works – meaning that it solves the problem and generates value in a robust and cost-efficient way. You assume technical leadership over a project and help the Project Owner translate the business and technical challenges into sizeable chunks of data science wizardry.

On top of that, you coach more junior team members and act as a sounding board. You coach them regarding the technical challenges of a solution and their communication with different internal and external stakeholders.

We are looking for an experienced data scientist with a proven track record in advanced analytics cases. You have a solid understanding of how businesses operate and know how to use this knowledge to select the most suitable algorithm and architecture for the task at hand. You have a general understanding of software development and database design, enabling you to ensure that a complete solution is robust enough given the context in which to deploy it. Moreover, you are open and eager to share your knowledge and experiences with more junior team members to help your team succeed.

The successful candidate focuses on providing business value. To do so, you understand how to play to your team member's strengths and help ensure each task is done by the right person. You are unafraid to get your hands dirty and lead by example.

You will mainly be working on data-centric projects in retail & e-commerce, so experience in said or related industries is, therefore, a big plus.

Job requirements

Essential requirements

  • A track record of multiple advanced analytics and AI projects in various industries within a business context

  • Excellent Software Engineering skills:
    • Pprogramming in Python. Certainly the basics should be familiar: Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Keras, Seaborn, Spacy,... You also know what constitutes good (test-driven) code development, and are able to champion this in a team.

    • Building complex data pipelines and using distributed computing

    • Deploying machine learning solutions on the cloud

    • Working in a Unix environment

    • Using other tools and frameworks such as GIT, Airflow, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, ...

  • Expert in every aspect of Data Science:
    • Understanding and using supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques

    • Wrangling all types of data sources in any shape or form

    • Finding meaningful and actionable business insights with exploratory data analysis and using statistical methods

    • Understanding and being able to translate business problems into data science problems and vice versa

    • Translating your expertise and findings to a variety of different business stakeholders

    • Knowing when not to use “traditional” data science, but revert to other techniques – and knowing the basic elements of such techniques.

  • Excellent communication skills. This includes written, oral and non-verbal communication.

  • A team player and mentor for more junior team members.

  • Willingness to tutor others about Data Science and your area of expertise

  • Able to collaborate with and mentor Junior Data Scientists, and give (non-)technical advice and direction.

  • Experience in project and account management

Capable of defining the scope and execution strategy for new projects

Nice to haves

  • Knowledge of other languages (speaking or programming)

  • Experience with DBT, Azure, Google Cloud.

  • Experience working with a variety of databases and architectures

  • Experience with lean/agile software development

Your profile
  • You have 3+ years of experience working as a Data Scientist;
  • You have a BS or MS in Computer Science, Business or Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Economics, AI, Data or Marketing Analysis, Maths, or Statistics;
  • You are eager to learn new things and thrive in a quickly changing environment;
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English and are a good communicator