Talent Acquisition Specialist

Job description

Would you love to spearhead the recruitment activities of a rapidly expanding team of young professionals in Belgium & The Netherlands? Are you eager to apply your expertise & experience to review a current recruitment strategy, propose changes and start working your magic?

At Crunch Analytics, we help EU retail and e-commerce teams at G-Star, Scotch & Soda, Torfs, Van de Velde, Unilin, Roompot, and others to embrace big data & AI techniques. We introduce AI-driven solutions that fundamentally change how brands & retailers create value.

In the last couple of years, we’ve experienced an exciting period of growth as the direct result of improved market fit and market adoption. To continue on this trajectory, we’re looking to add an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist to the HR team.

In this role, you spearhead all recruitment actions & activities. You are the person that guides a talented individual from an initial ‘hello’ to a final ‘you’re hired!’ and even a first-day-on-the-job ‘Good morning!’

In the said role, you will be able to coordinate actions to be taken by team members, execute specific tasks and inspire. During the hiring process, you watch over our values, culture & team objectives and ensure candidates experience a pleasant, warm, and correct hiring journey.

Versed in the art of IT recruitment, you will be able to apply your expertise and experience to evaluate the current recruitment strategy & process and identify what is needed to make you even more successful at your task.

We’ll match your broad set of skills, conviction, and motivation with a team eager to demonstrate the ridiculous value of our algorithmic excellence. Such should enable you to establish yourself as a trusted advisor, enabling Crunch Analytics to flourish at the forefront of a big data & AI revolution in retail & e-commerce.

Job requirements

You will bear responsibilities in the following domains:

Recruiting Talent

  • You help the HR manager & team members involved define the company’s hiring needs;
  • You coordinate the process of defining job profiles & creating job descriptions;
  • It’s your responsibility to monitor & manage the entire cycle of the recruitment process from ‘Hi’ to ‘Hire.’ You make sure candidates experience a pleasant, warm, and correct hiring journey;
  • You actively recruit talent through innovative & proactive sourcing;
  • You help come up with innovative campaigns to attract talent;
  • You select job fairs in Belgium & The Netherlands to attend and coordinate the preparation, attendance, and follow-up, to add young graduates to our talent pipeline;
  • You propose career events Crunch Analytics should organize and help the Office Manager coordinate preparation, attendance, and follow-up, to add specific types of talent to our talent pipeline (f.i. Data Science Meetups)
  • You develop your network and maintain relations with crucial third parties in Belgium & The Netherlands, such as universities, student organizations, and alike. You are able to bank on those relationships to create talent pools & identify profiles that could be an excellent fit for us;
  • You collect information, share insights and prepare decisions to be made during the Weekly Talent Meeting, involving company management in what is happening in the field of recruitment.

Onboarding New Hires

  • Once a candidate is selected, you share the excellent news and coordinate the final steps of the hiring process.
  • You coordinate the selected candidate’s first day at the job, ensuring that he/she has a wonderful first day with plenty of information obtained from HR, Office Management, Squad, and Talent Lead. This allows you to perform the complete follow-up of a recruitee.

Strategy & Process

  • You apply your expertise and experience to analyze our current way of recruiting. Based on your findings, you propose an action plan with both short and long-term actions to improve our hiring process in Belgium & The Netherlands;
  • You evaluate our current recruitment software toolset and propose alternatives where needed to help you be better at what you do;
  • You proactively meet with key internal stakeholders such as our Squad Talent Lead to better understand long-term needs, job development paths, and challenges with regard to evaluating candidates, etc.;
  • You measure and review the impact of our -updated- recruitment strategy. What recruitment channels are the most effective? How are people move through the recruitment cycle?
  • You monitor our brand perception and suggest actions in the field of employer branding

🐱‍🚀 What skills are required or can be perfected on the job?

  • You have a BS or MS in HR, Psychology, Communication, etc. or equivalent through experience;
  • You have at least three years of experience in recruiting talent in the domain of IT & software development;
  • You take ownership and love to coordinate action to be taken;
  • You spot opportunities for improvement and can set up an action plan for change;
  • You have excellent communication skills;
  • You are a team player, driven & work proactively;
  • You are fluent in Dutch and English (oral and written);
  • Experience with recruitment software tools (f.i.LinkedIn Talent Solutions) is a plus;

🎁 Our offer

First off, you will become part of a steadily growing team of people keen on applying the latest technologies and techniques in data science, machine learning & AI. You will work in a vibrant, innovation-loving environment with the proper dash of geekiness and love for board games.

We put a lot of time and effort into your personal growth and development as a business professional. We provide dedicated feedback and coaching sessions to help you walk the career path you envisage.

You will be able to work both at the office or at home. Our offices in Ghent and Rotterdam are easy to reach, located in a colorful neighborhood of each city center, close to a vast array of after-work shenanigans.

How do you like to get to work? By car, train, and/or (e-)bike? Your choice to make! We provide a hybrid compensation package with an attractive base salary. The package includes a company car & fuel card, (optional) bike plan, hospitalization insurance, state-of-the-art laptop, smartphone, and other gear.

On top of that, we do team trips, planned events, ad-hoc events, anything really to ensure you shine within a thriving team.

🎳 Up for the challenge?

Here is how we move forward. After applying, we’ll screen your resume and may invite you for a phone interview. A job-specific challenge and presentation later, you could be the next member to represent our team!

Apply now!