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Crunch Analytics is an advanced data analytics agency that assists key decision-makers in creating more profitable retail & e-commerce organizations.

We create AI-enabled tools that assist a retail decision-maker in making crucial strategic decisions with impact. Or we simply alleviate the hassle of having to make - often - repetitive, non-strategic decisions by automating the entire decision-making process.

Come again?

Well, we help them understand how they can use large sets of data & AI techniques (machine learning, deep learning, etc.) to improve their current tasks and business processes. We even teach classes about these topics.

We build tools to help their employees & decision-makers understand what happened and predict what will happen, helping them to do an even better job. These tools can assist a person when making important, strategic decisions. Or, they can automate the entire decision-making process, doing away with those annoying, repetitive, lesser-important decisions.

Put even more bluntly: we eliminate Excel sheets, replace gutfeel with data-driven decision-making and help retailers regain precious time & attention for what truly matters—applying decisive judgment.

In everything we do, it is our sincere belief that people in companies should have the tools available to make the best possible decisions at any given time, in any given situation. Those decisions can be part of any vital part of company-specific tasks or business processes.

That is why we are keen on bringing together people that love to apply the latest technologies and techniques in the fields of Data Science, Statistics, Machine Learning & AI

As the world endures a seismic shift driven by the growing amount of accessible data and technological advancements, every single one of them is convinced about the transformative power of using those technologies & techniques to change the nature of work.

They will assert the importance of ensuring that computer systems take over those repetitive, non-critical tasks these systems are good at, so people can focus on what they excel at. Those tasks that require social intelligence, complex critical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

Crunch Analytics offers a vibrant work environment where the above-mentioned philosophy comes to life. One where people can take the initiative, learn and grow as trusted advisors in their field of expertise. 

Be it at our office in Ghent, Antwerp, or Rotterdam, you will always encounter a true start-up mentality where one can:

  • Take ownership over projects, leaning on the technical support and coaching from more experienced or specialized team members; 

  • Find a learning path, for both junior and senior profiles;

  • Establish himself/herself as a trusted business professional on any platform or channel.

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Crunch Analytics @ RetailHub

Our office at the RetailHub - Stadsfeestzaal Antwerpen venue.

Crunch Analytics BE

Ghent Office

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Rotterdam Office