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Data Engineer

On-site, Hybrid
  • Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

Are you looking to grow as a data engineer, completing your skills through dedicated learning and experience as you assist clients in the business transformation of a lifetime?

As a data & AI agency, we help both industry frontrunners and analytics leaders advance their teams with confidence when applying data science, statistics, machine learning, and AI. With the ever-expanding possibilities of these revolutionary technologies, numerous questions arise. How can we effectively transform a complex business challenge into a forecasting and/or optimization challenge? What assisting tools can we use or create? How will it enable people in teams to work at their natural best?

By providing the proper support, expertise, tooling, and infrastructure, we help bridge the divide between business objectives and these advanced technologies, ensuring the chosen solutions actually work within each unique business context.

We have been fortunate to work with a variety of teams in Europe, active in Retail and E-commerce, FMCG, Manufacturing, and Aviation, such as G-star, Scotch & Soda & Vandevelde or Heineken, Beerwulf, Hornbach, Unilin, TVH and Roompot. We worked on projects that combine our business acumen with expertise in data management, ML, AI, and statistics.

As a Data Engineer, you become an indispensable specialist in one of our Data & AI Teams, working shoulder-to-shoulder with Data Scientists and Project Owners. A craftsman -really - that sketches and shapes the required cloud infrastructure to ensure a smooth way of working. Be it through the construction of robust ETL/ELT pipelines, data warehouses & star schemas, or building a scalable data platform.

In your role, you will be able to free your inner MacGyver, applying your eye for detail, quirky humor, and jaw-dropping resourcefulness.

Job requirements

🚀 What will be part of your responsibilities?

  • Architect data solutions that integrate with an existing technology stack of the customer

  • Help to design cloud architectures within a customers platform of choice, specifically aimed at data-intensive applications, and BI use cases

  • Ensuring stability and performance, as well as security and backup policies of these systems

  • Combine and centralize data from multiple data sources

  • Construct robust ETL/ELT pipelines

  • Design data warehouses and star schemas, fit for further reporting or advanced analytics

  • Setup monitoring and alerting systems

  • Participate in the development of our own software tools, as well as tools we create for our customers

  • Advise data scientists and customers on best practices

  • Review work by data scientists and educate as needed

  • Optimize and expand our internal tooling

🐱‍🚀 What skills are required or can be perfected on the job?

We are looking for a true Data evangelist with a BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent relevant experience:

  • who has mastered Python and SQL

  • who is familiar with Google Cloud and Azure

  • who understands the potential and limitation of low-code solutions (Power Apps,...)

  • who understands how to architect a data landscape where data engineers, analysts and scientists can thrive

  • who can design and implement data models such as Kimball or Data Vault 2.0

  • who can efficiently wrangle large datasets

  • who is well-aware of essential software engineering principles

  • who knows their way around a typical Unix environment

  • who has experience with CI/CD and testing

  • who is familiar with databricks, spark, dbt and/or similar technologies

But most importantly, each candidate should be a team player, able to translate business requirements into a technical solution, making use of his eagerness and on-point communication skills in English and - preferably- Dutch.

🎁 Our offer

First off, you will become part of a steadily growing team of people keen on applying the latest technologies and techniques in the fields of data science, machine learning & AI. You will work in a vibrant, innovation-loving environment with the proper dash of geekiness and love for board games.

While you will be able to work both at the office or at home, your presence might also be required on-site with clients. Our offices in Ghent and Rotterdam are easy to reach, located in a colorful neighborhood of each city center, close to a vast array of after-work shenanigans.

We provide an attractive salary package stuffed with additional benefits such as an (optional) company car & fuel card, hospitalization insurance, state-of-the-art laptop, smartphone, and other gear.

We help you to get around either by car, train, and/or e-bike. It's yours to choose.

We put a lot of time and effort into your personal growth and development, both as a technician and business professional. We provide dedicated feedback and coaching sessions to help you walk the career path you envisage. Expect your own talent development roadmap and the opportunity to showcase your knowledge to a broader engineering community.

On top of that, we do team trips, planned events, ad-hoc events, anything really to ensure you shine within a thriving team.

🎳 Up for the challenge?

Here is how we move forward. After applying, we'll screen your resume and may invite you for a phone interview. A job-specific challenge and presentation later, you could be the next data engineer to represent our team!

Apply now!